Achieve Savings by AI driven contextual measurements

AIVI’s active surveillance and smart forecasting reduce Operational costs, especially for large campuses, housing societies, Office spaces, multi geography office branches, smart cities etc.

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  • Power Usage Reduction

    Reduce drastically Power usage through Vision enabled contextual scanning for Smart Lighting, Smart Cooling etc and detecting unnecessary events such as lights ON, AC ON etc.

  • Eliminate Bleeding Losses

    Detect early what can result in subsequent major losses, such as crack/rusting/deformities and retention of unused consumable materials.

  • Streamline Visits

    Avoid mundane routine visits with Contextual planning that ensures only “On Need” visits, thereby reducing wastages.

  • Prevent Theft

    Detect Inhouse Pilferage attempts by Employees/Staff, which can otherwise lead to tangible losses.

  • Accelerate Productivity

    Track Productivity Impediments caused by existing policies, people deployment, working hours, machine idling, equipment mishandling and safety breaches.

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An ensemble of state of the art vision engines working in perfect harmony.

Where we are now with Vision AI

  • 11, 274

    Camera Feeds
  • 100+

    Unique Patterns
  • 5.3M

    USD Revenue Uncovered
  • 3.4M

    USD Loss Saved
  • 9C

    Vision Engines

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