Boost productivity by proactively tracking impediments

Prevent production delays, reduce equipment breakdowns, improve and monitor overall equipment effectiveness and performance with vision enabled continuous monitoring and real-time event detections.

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  • Detect Product-line disruptions

    AIVI’s pattern engine data provides instant alerts on events of machine idling, machine breakdown and operator non-availability

  • Track Assembly line defects

    Ensure high quality products by detecting inaccurate labelling, fill levels, package conditions with alerts and clips on quality deterrents.

  • Improve Operator Efficiency

    Detect instances such as operator unavailability, loitering and instances of mob building and fights within factory premises.

  • Minimise equipment downtime

    Evaluate heath of every asset and component , identify deterioration prior to malfunction.

  • Inventory tracking

    Replenish Zone/Buffer zone inventory availability for core manufacturing needs – Upstream & Downstream, track material misuse, changeovers and associated time & process variations to reduce recalls.

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An ensemble of state of the art vision engines working in perfect harmony.

Where we are now with Vision AI

  • 11, 274

    Camera Feeds
  • 100+

    Unique Patterns
  • 5.3M

    USD Revenue Uncovered
  • 3.4M

    USD Loss Saved
  • 9C

    Vision Engines

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