Identify anomalies in existing processes and compliances

AIVI can detect hazardous activity, long wait times, compliance deviations, equipment mishandling and deviations from pre-planned routine activities to provide insights into the vulnerabilities of current operational procedures.

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  • Time Adherence

    Track non-availability instances of designated doctor/nurse, equipment’s, operating rooms and similar deviations from planned and prescribed schedules.

  • Leave without treatment

    Track and analyze number of people leaving (without treatment), number of people leaving without medicines at specific zones such as pharmacies, receptions and doctors’ rooms.

  • Improper Equipment utilization

    Auto track absence of inventory from their designated locations before a predefined time window. Optimize with analytics derived on the availability & usage of an inventory (wheelchairs, medicines, medical units etc.)

  • Audit Task Adherence

    Audit process adherence for facilities and housekeeping in terms of cleanliness, furniture arrangements, hygiene practices and adherence to schedules.

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