Cognitive logistics & vehicle
telematics platform

Solutions that make fleets efficient and logistics profitable. Reap the benefits of productive, compliant, safe, and reliable fleets with AI-driven fleet analytics.

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Intelligent fleet
management with iTAC

iTAC is a cloud-based telematics platform that enables you to gain complete control and real-time visibility into your entire fleet operations using a single software. By receiving real-time alerts on incidents, fleet owners can respond in real-time to incidents such as route deviations, traffic, delayed deliveries, idling, unscheduled stoppages, parking challenges, fleet safety risks, etc, and prevent such incidents in the future. iTAC’s data analytics and AI-based recommendations will enable you to identify gaps in your current operations, measure the performance of individual assets and mitigate crises, thereby reducing cost and improving productivity.

Main Features

Last mile incident

Smart camera


Live alerts on
SLA violation

Idling, over-speeding
and route deviations

Route planning
and optimisation

with ERP

Advanced mobile App
for both Android & IOS

AI Bot assistance

Video telematics with Cogniphi AI Vision

Cogniphi’s AI Vision is a superior camera-based technology that enables fleet owners to realise business-critical information from the existing security camera footage in fleet premises, warehouses, and fleet cameras. AI Vision records what went into a truck at the beginning of a journey, what comes off the truck at the destination, and what may have happened to the shipment anywhere in between. This holds human employees more accountable, prevents lost-in-transit issues, and reduces instances of theft.

Main Features

Improve the efficiency of logistics hubs

Automating your logistics hubs with AI Vision monitoring provides a cost-effective alternative to reducing manual errors in counting, packing, storage of inventory, and vehicle parking.

  • Vision-based inventory counting
  • Occupancy of inventory
  • Correct inventory pick and drop
  • Parking slot availability
  • Wrong inventory placement

Optimise last-mile delivery

Satisfy customers, drive efficiency gains and reduce costs in the last mile. ITAC’s video telematics and features proactively detect deviations in your pre-planned trips and last-mile incidents to resolve them in real-time.

Delays in Deliveries

Wrong Picks and Drops

Staff Identification and Attendance

Proof of Delivery

Unauthorised Drops