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Computer Vision enables computers and systems to derive conclusive and precise information from digital images, videos, and other visual inputs. This empowers you with accurate insights into the ‘why’ behind business problems or inefficiencies, helping you make smarter decisions.

Cogniphi’s AI Vision

Our vision intelligence platform AI Vision is designed to provide you with contextual insights without any disruption in your processes - integrate the platform with your existing cameras and you’re ready to extract accurate and actionable insights.

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Bringing context to data

Cogniphi’s AI Vision provides what’s missing in most AI implementations for solving business problems - context. With our self-learning AI models, your cameras now understand. We base our promise on real-life experiences and field-proven solutions implemented at large scale. Our vision transcends our products and delivers undeniable value with continuous evolution.

Build an organization of tomorrow, today. Bring context to the data you use and discover the tremendous difference it can make to your business performance.




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We help enterprises across multiple industries identify otherwise unseen opportunities to make operations more efficient, productive, and profitable.

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“At Cogniphi, we have seen some of the finest and brightest minds in product, design and engineering, who share our passion for delivering real value and solving complex business problems while bettering the world through artificial intelligence, machine learning, and Internet of Things”

Alexander Varghese, Chief Operating Officer, UST

“We really appreciate your dedication and commitment beyond contract terms to implement this project successfully. Your solution has become an integral part of our shop floor daily operations. Special word of thanks to the team who visited our factory and implemented the project with utmost compliance and still continue to support it over the last 4 years. We definitely consider this engagement one of our best technology investments”

Manager Director, Tyre Manufacturing Company, India

“The high-quality visual inspection system is accurate and has freed up our man hours. Effort of 2 hours per batch has come down to under 15 minutes. Four levels of quality check done manually is now done with ease in a single click. The earlier limitation of verification of a few SKU in a batch is not a constraint now. With an automated solution, we can perform quality checks for any number of SKU at any time. The system is detecting even minute errors on wrappers and shell packs for more than 100 SKU’s. Thank you Mr Binil and team for the smooth implementation. We would be recommending Vision technology for our other units as well”

Quality Head, Global Medical Supply Manufacturer

“We have been deeply impressed by Cogniphi's abilities to design products which solve real world problems and to develop proof of concepts for these products in a really short span of time. Our continuing relationship with Cogniphi is also a reflection of their capability to identify complex yet relevant use cases and find simple and scalable solutions”

Nandakumar K, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Suntec Business Solutions

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UST – Our strategic partner

We are proud to have the backing of UST, who are among the world’s best in helping organisations succeed in their business ventures through digital transformation.

“Investing in Cogniphi Technologies reflects our continued commitment to offer the best of technologies for our clients.”

Alexander Varghese

Chief Operating Officer, UST Global