Safer and smarter cities

Cogniphi AI Vision upgrades your existing cameras into smart cameras using computer vision technology. With no limit to how many cameras we can process, we can use AI to monitor your feeds 24/7 providing live alerts and statistics that can improve the way cities are managed.

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Empower futuristic smart cities

Improve the quality of life with better operational efficiency and alerts. Our technology has the bandwidth to power at scale operations and the flexibility to integrate with any technology ecosystem or infrastructure.

Utilise vision intelligence features such as object recognition to analyse licence plate, vehicle type, colour, vehicle speed, traffic data, etc, using existing cameras. No more costly upgrades.

Handle huge amounts of intertwined data and enable faster processing of data. Vision intelligence ensures safety compliance and disaster avoidance applications with decentralised and real-time actionable insights. Receive data on people movement and behaviour to effectively allocated public resources.

Track objects of alerts for the live detection of dangerous weapons or the identification of abandoned, suspicious objects in populated areas. Receive a prioritised feed in your control room so only important events are displayed on the screen. and facial expressions of personnel to detect suspicious, aggressive, or violent behaviour for any intuition of threat.

Vision intelligence catalogs repeat offenders and reports instant alerts for an action. Implement facial recognition for access control to supervise every entry and exit. Receive alerts when prohibited individuals enter the vicinity of your site.

Receive immediate alerts for suspicious, violent or aggressive behaviour. Proactively remove vulnerable citizens from an environment before the threat reaches them.

A more efficient way to deploy ticket inspectors, with alerts for ticket inspectors to attend a vehicle before or after they expire.

Notice vulnerable civilians who may walk into the path of danger and allocate police or security personnel to proactively accompany them to their destination.

Here’s how Cogniphi implements AI Vision for your business

  • Discovery
    Step 1

    Our experts have a physical or virtual walkthrough of your facilities to make sure we understand the challenges and opportunities in your existing operations.

  • Solution Design
    Step 2

    After understanding your business and technology, we present a proposal based on the key areas and possibilities identified.

  • Pilot Implementation
    Step 3

    During the pilot, we make sure everything works perfectly and the insights are delivering a tangible Return on Investment (ROI).

  • Implementation at Scale
    Step 4

    When the pilot succeeds, we start to scale the rollout across the rest of your business.

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