UST Sentry

Manufacturing Vision Intelligence and Analytics

UST Sentry helps build predictive, contextual, analytical, and reinforcement capabilities into manufacturing and retail operations. By integrating your existing CCTV infrastructure with SAP's Business Technology platform, we empower you to enhance productivity, streamline inventory tracking, ensure product quality, and maintain safety and compliance on the shop floor.

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Benefits and Features

Improved Productivity with Faster Response

Vision AI enables tracking and tracing of products on the production floor by monitoring production cells and capturing input and output batches. This improves productivity, inventory tracking, process adherence, product quality, safety, and compliance.

Harness the Power of SAP's Business Technology Platform

UST Sentry integrates seamlessly with SAP's Business Technology Platform, providing you with a powerful foundation for digital transformation. By leveraging this robust platform, we enable you to extract maximum value from your existing infrastructure while incorporating advanced analytics and AI-driven capabilities.

Real-time Analytics Streamlining

Our Sentry solution integrates data streams from factory and warehouse operations with various event sources such as computer vision, IoT, ERP, and MES. Analytics are utilized to deliver adherence reporting, real-time feedback, and root cause analysis.

Attain High Quality and Compliance

Through real-time, vision-enabled detection of quality conformity, our solution maximizes throughput and automates quality notifications in production, specifying defect type and quantity of defective products using vision AI.

Quick Installation with Plug-and-Play Capability

Our AI-based vision platform, powered by SAP Business Technology Platform and SAP Analytics Cloud, facilitates the extraction of digital vision data and analytics, providing a competitive edge with faster installation.

Technical Information

    Solution Types
  • APIs and Technical Components
  • Business Technology Platform
    Works With
  • SAP Extension Suite and/or SAP Integration Suite

    Cloud Solution
  • This product is designed to be delivered over a network as a cloud service.
    Software-as-a-Service solution
  • This product is delivered online as a subscription service.

    Service Levels >99.5%
  • This product achieves operational performance levels of 99.5% or greater.
    Meets SAP Store recommended Service Levels
  • This product meets SAP Store-recommended service levels.
    Multi-tenant solution with full isolation and encryption
  • uses a multi-tenant architecture with complete isolation and encryption of customer account data, policy and configuration settings.
    Meets recommended support levels
  • This product meets SAP Store-recommended standards for support levels and turnarounds.
    High availability and disaster recovery
  • This product has been designed to ensure minimal service interruption and quick restoration of service in the event of a disruption.

    Follows the secure software development and operations lifecycle (SDLC)
  • Secure practices include design, architecture, implementation, test, release preparation, shipment, operations, and support. Open-Source components run latest version.
    Maintains a thorough product incident response and patching process
  • Delivers fixes and/or advisories related for security vulnerabilities publicly known or reported by external sources.
    Enforced with international or industry standard configurable authentication policies
  • Credentials are protected during transfer by secure channels or protocols. Any mechanisms provided for authentication are sufficiently strong and free of vulnerabilities.

    Functional correctness
  • This product has been tested for functional correctness using real-life business scenarios of customers.
    SOC2 Type2 (Security, Availability, Confidentiality, and Privacy)
  • This product meets the standards for information security management specified by SOC2 Type2, covering the principles of Security, Availability, Confidentiality, and Privacy.

    Localized for business best practices
  • This product has been localized to incorporate local business best practices (e.g. support for local currencies).
    Internationalized for global customers
  • This product has been internationalized to meet the needs of global customers (e.g. the use of Unicode).