AI meets healthcare.

Cogniphi AI Vision has revolutionised productivity of pathology labs, provided new ways for hospitals and clinics to measure their performance and ensure all patients receive appropriate care.

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Empowering healthcare with pathology with AI

Enable AI in the management side of operations such as administration, care, safety and provide assistance in monitoring and detecting anomalies.

Automate the task of workers’ safety surveillance to comply with the region-specific personal protective equipment & safety compliance such as staff not wearing safety suits, masks, glasses.

Regulate the safety surrounding dangerous drugs. Prevent any escalated hazards for humans and livestock by strictly adhering to compliance standards and protocols. Eradicate mishandling of Dangerous Drugs.

Ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all with real-time alerts in case of anomaly detected. The threats can range from slippery surfaces, injury detection, first aid response, appropriate hygiene standards, correct protective uniform, obstruction of entry on walkways/emergency exits, etc.

Secure the safety and health of staff and community by ensuring that masks are worn, social distance obeyed and local covid protocols are strictly followed.

Monitor patients around the clock. Identify and detect if patients slip and fall, patients facial emotion, patients movement and action from one place with real-time insights to provide care whenever necessary.

Collaborate with researchers beyond borders to bring solutions to the forefront. Identify and benefit from results faster than ever with new-age implementations.

Improve the speed and accuracy of diagnosis detection and screening with passive and active functioning of AI-driven image analysis. Bring value-focused solutions to your patients.

Here’s how Cogniphi implements AI Vision for your business

  • Discovery
    Step 1

    Our experts have a physical or virtual walkthrough of your facilities to make sure we understand the challenges and opportunities in your existing operations.

  • Solution Design
    Step 2

    After understanding your business and technology, we present a proposal based on the key areas and possibilities identified.

  • Pilot Implementation
    Step 3

    During the pilot, we make sure everything works perfectly and the insights are delivering a tangible Return on Investment (ROI).

  • Implementation at Scale
    Step 4

    When the pilot succeeds, we start to scale the rollout across the rest of your business.

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