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What is vision intelligence?

Vision Intelligence is a branch of AI that enables systems to draw actionable insights from visual feed to understand and perceive data with context. It enables their machines to identify and analyse objects, human behaviour, motion, aberrant events, and anomalies.

Cogniphi’s AI Vision

Our Al Vision platform is designed to draw contextual insights from data feed, which will uncover real-time as well as predictive analytics. These insights provide you a rare advantage while building business strategies that evolve with time. AI Vision also eliminates the need to continuously eyeball CCTV monitors and is also adaptable to ever-changing vulnerabilities that can otherwise escape detection.

Transform your existing cameras into ‘smart’ cameras

Experience the versatility of Al Vision and allow your cameras to truly "see" just like humans. Turn your CCTV network into a proactive data collection tool sending you alerts and insights when "events'' happen, which can prove to be critical for your manufacturing operations or your Consumer shopping experience. Your cameras essentially become smart, almost like an artificially intelligent human watching every visual feed 24x7x365.

What do you get?

  • Effective workplace setting

    Consolidated single dashboard increases accuracy with less control room effort. Reliable predictive analytics ensures better accountability in detection and measurement.

  • Continuous and rapid improvement

    Enables complete and total incident management from detection to prevention. AI Vision reinforces self-learning and self-evolving response empowering decision-makers with relevant information to act effectively.

  • Rapid and large scale implementations

    Allows practical multi-location rollout, and at the same time supports breadboarding capability for experimentation and innovation.

  • Guaranteed results

    The Cogniphi AI Vision platform offers an outcome-based model that ensures advancement in operations through unique hyper-local solutions matching your organisational needs.

  • Works in extreme conditions

    Delivery output is immune to poor light conditions, diverse layout changes and low data availability.

  • Cost-effective

    Works with existing camera infrastructure. This enables quick implementation and speedy returns at very low investment.

  • Data privacy and legal compliance

    Technology works with multiple footprints like Cloud, Edge, and Cell Phones. It ensures data privacy, protection of sensitive information, and regulatory compliance.

Actionable alerts on your devices

When your cameras detect specific events, they’ll send the relevant person in your team a real-time notification. These notifications can be received via text, email, live on a computer screen or can be integrated with existing systems like Point of Sale.

Key learning opportunities

Cameras can now collect and analyse data about your operations. The insights you gain help you make informed decisions across a wide range of functions.

Our platform gives you an easy consolidated dashboard to view all insights it collects. A few examples of data that can be collected include:

  • Demographics and behaviour of people visiting your store over time, including heatmaps
  • How efficient your staff and machines are
  • How compliant your teams are to processes and policies
  • Track how many times actions/tasks are performed

Insights that can make a profound impact

AI Vision will capture never-before-seen data for your teams to analyze in real time or later. Your decisions will now be made based on accurate data made from statistical population-size data sets as opposed to sample sizes.

Data can be catered to the user, so your data experts can perform deep dives and your staff can see insights on a dashboard. AI Vision will change the way you arrive at decisions. It is versatile and provides great value across several business sectors, and has the potential to genuinely transform the way you conduct your business.

How it works with your cameras

AI Vision is extremely flexible and is designed to integrate with your organisation’s needs. Cogniphi has democratised AI so you can affordably install the solution and see an ROI whether it's in the cloud or with our edge box.

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