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Cogniphi AI Vision transforms your security and surveillance cameras into smart cameras, so they can detect and understand everything they see, just like a human.

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Safety and security that is fit for the future

Protect your sites, staff and citizens from threats such as intrusion, violence, aggression, suspicious or dangerous objects, fugitives and more. Cogniphi upgrades your existing infrastructure with features such as object tracking, people tracking, behaviour recognition, facial recognition, Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) and many more features, providing real-time alerts to staff and responsible personnel.

Receive immediate alerts when an area is breached by any person or specific individuals, ensuring a rapid response, where no incident is missed.

Alerts for the live detection of dangerous weapons or the identification of abandoned, suspicious objects in populated areas. Receive a prioritised feed in your control room so only important events are displayed on the screen.

Implement facial recognition for access control to supervise every entry and exit. Receive alerts when prohibited individuals enter the vicinity of your site.

Receive immediate alerts for suspicious, violent or aggressive behaviour. Proactively remove vulnerable citizens from an environment before the threat reaches them.

Ensure a safe and healthy working environment for your staff and customers with real-time alerts. The threats can range from injury detection, staying within safe areas, personnel uniform detection and precise operation of machines.

Secure the safety and health of your staff and customers by ensuring that masks are worn, social distance obeyed and local covid protocols are strictly followed.

Monitor premises, the behaviour and movement of staff and customers around the clock to provide security at all times. The context in our vision validates if security escalation is required, setting it apart from competitors' vision intelligence.

Detect irregular activities proactively such as abandoned objects or camera tampering and report to the responsible authority as swiftly as possible to control damage and loss of property.

Here’s how Cogniphi implements AI Vision for your business

  • Discovery
    Step 1

    Our experts have a physical or virtual walkthrough of your facilities to make sure we understand the challenges and opportunities in your existing operations.

  • Solution Design
    Step 2

    After understanding your business and technology, we present a proposal based on the key areas and possibilities identified.

  • Pilot Implementation
    Step 3

    During the pilot, we make sure everything works perfectly and the insights are delivering a tangible Return on Investment (ROI).

  • Implementation at Scale
    Step 4

    When the pilot succeeds, we start to scale the rollout across the rest of your business.

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