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Cogniphi AI Vision makes your manufacturing sites smart. Every camera will be empowered to understand what it sees, providing your team with reports and real-time insights to avoid breakdowns, improve output quality and improve your sites safety and security.

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Automate your warehouse operations to become future-ready

Discover the benefits of visual intelligence. Scale your business , manage logistics, safety and regulatory, compliance, inventory and much more by integrating your existing cameras with Cogniphi AI Vision,that gives you a return on investment in no time.

Using Cogniphi's AI Vision solution, your existing cameras will do the Legal, Company Policy and OH&S compliance monitoring for you, alerting you immediately when breaches occur and providing you with a summary report of your percentage compliance to KPI's. For example, your site is 75% compliant this month, here is where you fall short.

Includes features such as texture and object inspection and counting to determine the quality and count of the materials received. Any oversight from suppliers is tracked and noted for action.

Monitor machines, equipment, and staff for efficiency optimisations, like identification of bottlenecks or moments where raw materials are not available for efficient changeovers.

Track the flow of inventory from receiving to dispatch, with identification of mishandled/damaged inventory, over/under orders and memory of storage locations.

Insights obtained from a digital representation of the production line will enable management to access analytics on future output based on past performance, people and processes.

Commit no errors in the shipment of final products from the warehouse to the distributors or retailers. Inculcate accuracy in the outbound warehouse process of picking, packing, shipping and delivery by automation.

Manage returns seamlessly with quality control measures handled automatically by AI Vision. Identify defects in the production process, raw materials or suppliers to report for action.

Right from the point of origin to point of consumption, guide supply chain implementation, plan flow of goods and storage with intelligent technology.

Inspect the final product with testing units for specifications according to the product. Automate QC for consistency scores across shopfloor.

Achieve three main areas of predictive maintenance such as real-time monitoring, analysis of work order data and MRO inventory usage.

Filter production centre layout according to heat maps based on the forklift, truck or any vehicle movement, staff activity and productivity at a location.

Monitor premises and the behavior of staff to provide safety at all times. The context in our vision validates if security escalation is required, setting it apart from competitors' vision intelligence.

Ensure a safe and healthy working environment for staff with real-time alerts. The threats can range from injury detection, staying within safe areas, personnel uniform detection such as high visibility clothing, masks, helmets, goggles, boots and precise operation of machines.

Here’s how Cogniphi implements AI Vision for your business

  • Discovery
    Step 1

    Our experts have a physical or virtual walkthrough of your facilities to make sure we understand the challenges and opportunities in your existing operations.

  • Solution Design
    Step 2

    After understanding your business and technology, we present a proposal based on the key areas and possibilities identified.

  • Pilot Implementation
    Step 3

    During the pilot, we make sure everything works perfectly and the insights are delivering a tangible Return on Investment (ROI).

  • Implementation at Scale
    Step 4

    When the pilot succeeds, we start to scale the rollout across the rest of your business.

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