Smart insights for growth

Cogniphi AI Vision enriches your business visual data to guide you through operations and decision-making based on real-time intelligence. Generate higher returns across the retail value chain.

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Simplifying retail to increase your bottom line

With our cognitive technology solutions, retailers can identify, detect, and solve problems that are left unseen. It helps them uncover opportunities that were previously overlooked.

Uncover customer behaviour insights

Optimise store and staffing for maximum productivity

Gain insights into opportunities for growth

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Uncover the true realities in your business

Implement our key vision intelligence offerings to enhance business outcomes. Make the most of your investment by focusing on the right areas of your business.

Acquire data on your customers based on demographic, behavioural, and contextual insights across every store location

Enhance your store experience by ensuring all customers are approached in a timely manner.

No more out of stock or empty shelves with our smart inventory management solution that uses your cameras to notify you when your products are unavailable, alerting your staff to replenish items on shelf.

Ensure a safe and healthy working environment for staff and customers with real-time alerts in case of hazards. The threats can range from a wet floor, mopping without a sign, a customer who has fallen, wearing of safety equipment, and more.

Prevent theft and shrinkage with intelligent vision. Identify and stop repeat offenders, loss from checkout errors, and concealed products with real-time alerts to security and staff

Secure the safety and health of staff and customers by ensuring that masks are worn, social distance obeyed and local covid protocols are strictly followed.

Optimise retail outlets according to Al generated heatmaps of stores and use filters such as demographics, customer engagement, dwell time in areas, and sales.

Increase the effectiveness of marketing materials by studying customer engagement, ensuring stores are compliant to the promotional calendar, monitoring effectiveness of advertising, changing advertising based on customer appearance and more.

Enable faster checkout where shoppers can unload the shopped contents on the conveyor and the machine will automatically identify the product SKU.

Effectively forecast staff shifts and deploy resources according to foot traffic analytics for optimal utilisation of staff.

Here’s how Cogniphi implements AI Vision for your business

  • Discovery
    Step 1

    Our experts have a physical or virtual walkthrough of your facilities to make sure we understand the challenges and opportunities in your existing operations.

  • Solution Design
    Step 2

    After understanding your business and technology, we present a proposal based on the key areas and possibilities identified.

  • Pilot Implementation
    Step 3

    During the pilot, we make sure everything works perfectly and the insights are delivering a tangible Return on Investment (ROI).

  • Implementation at Scale
    Step 4

    When the pilot succeeds, we start to scale the rollout across the rest of your business.

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