Obliterating shortfalls in production with AI Vision

We helped a multi-billion dollar tyre manufacturing company find irregularities in production to eliminate shortfalls in meeting daily targets.

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    A legacy looking for change.

    Our client produces tires for passenger cars, two-wheelers, trucks, buses, tractors, and light commercial vehicles. They also produce paints & coats, toys, motorsports and cricket training equipment with a presence in 65+ countries.

    They wanted to engage in automation to optimize their manufacturing throughput and fix the bottlenecks in the system.

    The Problems We Identified

    We scrutinized the video feed of their manufacturing processes using the existing CCTV cameras and identified multiple causes for the problems in the production shortfall. One of the major challenges was a frequent delay rooted in the ‘component change over’ process. Every time there was a delay due to component change over, it took up to 10 minutes to solve the issue by the floor supervisors. During this time, the machine was stopped, and the operator was idle as the required component did not arrive.

    Effect on Business:

    Loss of productive
    hours and revenue

    Decrease in efficiency
    and throughput

    Underutilization of

    Cogniphi helped them achieve:

    • 40% reduction in losses
    • 16% improvement in productivity
    • $30M Annum Savings over $209 M/Annum Earning
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