Bindi Nair

AVP, HR & Operations

Probably the only HR personnel that you will come across who can talk about projects and business outcomes fluidly, Bindi Nair heads Cogniphi’s HR, Administration and Recruitment. A result driven professional with over 20 years’ experience, Bindi has been an integral part of Cogniphi and associated companies for near 10 years. She believes in having a purpose driven career based on comradery, continuous learning and relentless passion.

You have been an HR professional for over 20 years. What motivates you to work every day?

People who know me, ask me why I have been with Cogniphi for such a long period of time, for me being me I tend to be with   company for about 3 to 4 years, then move pout because the job tends to get monotonous. With Cogniphi, every day is a new learning. Be it technology, people, team work, brainstorming, customer centric solutions, everyday you get to know, get to learn something different, something new. For me, Cogniphi is my family. I feel valued here. There is a culture of transparency, exploration and teamwork that I have not found with my previous companies. For example, if you ask an HR on your product offerings or how your products are changing, you’re the lives of people, they wouldn’t be able to tell you exactly why it is like that. If you ask me, I will be able to tell you. I get to know and learn these things being one of the team members. You get a lot of amounts of freedom here to understand how things really work.

Where do you see your future with the organisation?

With regard to the company, I have no doubt that we would be one of the emerging technology solutions companies in the world. I definitely look forward to see Cogniphi emerge as the first Cogniphi, not even as another Google or another Infosys. People who are leading the show are definitely the kind of people who are definitely going to make it so. There is a clear leadership vision, supported by well-defined strategies and organisational processes. I definitely feel privileged and enriched by the fact that I have been mentored by Rohith, the Founder and CEO of the company. There is not one day, that I have not learnt atleast something, be it a never say die attitude, be it finding solutions for challenges, or pushing ahead of challenges with positive thinking and perseverance. A journey of 1000 steps begins with a step. I feel this is what is imbibed in each of us here at Cogniphi. We are already mid-way, just a lit bit more and we will be attaining the success that we are looking for.

What would your recommendations be to any job seeker?

Being an HR, now a days I see that be it a junior or senior position, there is a piqued interest among people to work on technologies like AI, machine learning and to experience a start-up culture. They want to experience the freedom of speech, freedom of ideating their thoughts, they want to build product that matter and see their contributions make direct impact to the lives of people. I am very happy and proud to say that during the pandemic, when companies were laying off people, we were recruiting talents. Our team is our strength. We make sure that our resources are nurtured to their full potential. If, you have it in you to dream big and the tenacity to chase your dreams, I would definitely recommend Cogniphi. You will find being part of Cogniphi to be exceptionally rewarding.

Prepare for the interview very well because you want to get this job and join our rocket ship!