Jacob Binny

Technology Architect

With over 15-years of industry experience, Jacob has been part of Cogniphi right from its inception. Jacob has been instrumental, taking up leadership roles in delivery of key projects in Telematics, AI Vision and IOT. Currently he is working on AI Vision projects for the QSR and cognitive logistics segments, liaising with global stakeholders. An ardent team player, Jacob immerses himself into all aspects of the projects by supporting and mentoring his teammates to perform their best.

What is a typical day in your role?

My day starts with reviewing the sprints and their progress (including replying to any late-night mails/messages from the team). After that there are the daily stand-up meetings for the various projects and their different teams. Since, I have to work and co-ordinate between multi-functional teams, there are 3-4 stand ups/catch up meetings which happen daily. The next 4-5 hours are on the core coding/testing/troubleshooting/poc activities. Afternoons/late afternoons are kept for any interviews or progress catch ups. The end of the day is kept for reviewing the daily targets and their closure status along with any pending support/maintenance tasks.

What is it that you enjoy most about your work?

What I love most about the work is that there are always some new, interesting challenges which we get to solve. Since we are working with AI and niche use cases, there are always challenging and unexpected scenarios which we will encounter. This also requires us to keep ourselves updated on technology and tools to solve such problems. The other fact I enjoy is working with different teams and with people with different experiences.

What is unique about the culture at Cogniphi?

The team at Cogniphi is quite close and also open with each other. This is something inbuilt from the top management itself. This helps to build trust and makes working with each other fun. Also, we get to work with a diverse group of people who have worked on different kinds of projects and customers and their experiences help us to improve our product.

Describe a time when you felt most excited by the innovation happening around you

I was excited by the vast number of use cases that we are trying to solve with AI for a large customer. The sheer number of use cases attempted with vision technology for the customer itself is a testimony to the type of problems we are trying to solve with our product. What was also interesting was that I was getting to work in an area which was quite new and has a lot of scope to learn.

What do you value most about your company’s or team’s culture?

The camaraderie between the team. Everyone is ready to help others irrespective of seniority or role.

You have been part of Cogniphi from the beginning. What is it that has made you stay with the company?

One of the main reasons is the confidence and inspiration in the vision provided by the leadership/management team. The management keeps the customer paramount, but also looks after the well-being and future of the employees.

Why should someone join your team at Cogniphi?

If a person is willing to challenge themselves and work with unique problem statements, they should join us.

Something about your personal life

My family consists of my mother, elder brother, my wife and sister-in-law. My father (late) was a mechanical engineer and mother was a government officer. My wife and elder brother are also into IT. I love learning about new trends in technology, tools and architectural/technical designs. I also like to face challenges and the process of analysing and finding solutions for them.