From deep reinforcement learning to wavelet powered deep networks, explore how Cogniphi’s AIVI (Artificial Intelligence Vision) is taking this challenge head-on and transforming businesses with new level of efficiencies.

AIVI is a cutting-edge hybrid system that brings computer vision and artificial intelligence together into one powerful tool. It is propelled by data driven learning, feedback-based supervised learning and advanced computer vision algorithms.

Harnessing the outcomes, AIVI is able to enhance functions in processes in a range of industries, such as these:

Healthcare – Next generation tech-enabled solutions, redefining the health system and hospital operations through AIVI. From prognostic prediction to disease detection to patient experience, reinvent medical technology and healthcare to face new challenges posed by COVID. Automate pathogeny detections, enable vision-based tracking of nursing care to critical patients, monitor crucial assets, as well as derive new insights into pathogen and patient behavior.

Retail – Cutting-edge insights and SMART data-points around customers’ retail behaviour. Digitise operations, in-store learning and customer perception patterns using technology which can influence margins and keep bringing shoppers back for an awesome experience.

Manufacturing – Technology that enables predictability, improves intelligent design and reduces wastage. AIVI has revealed an immediate 18% spike in efficiency improvement and upto 23% loss reduction than the traditional MES system in factory operations.

Surveillance – Where a sensitive digital eye meets an efficient digital brain. Transform surveillance systems to the next level by garnering insights to predict, prevent and protect valuable assets. Amplify the effectiveness of home security systems, office security systems, theft prevention and more through smart surveillance.

AIVI relies on complex spatial and time-bound patterns to detect anomalies. It filters approved behaviours and not only provides robust pattern detection but also exposes capability to build predictive systems from the metadata (colour, feature, contour, texture) of the detected objects and their features.

Cogniphi’s AI engines, with self-learning and contextual computing capabilities, enable quick prototyping, testing, and product optimisation and development to deliver transformational outcomes that will delight the user. The best part is that solutions deployed can be taught to learn new patterns and anomalies on-the-go to adapt to varying needs.

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