Technical Project Manager

Being a project manager is like being an artist, you have the different colored process streams combining into a work of art.

  -Greg Cimmarrusti

Manage projects to ensure the proposed plan adheres to the scope, timeline, and budget. A technical project manager plan projects in detail, setting up schedules for all the stakeholders and executing each step of the project. 

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Your Responsibilities

  • Complete ownership of the Software Delivery, including Stakeholder management, reporting, communication, team building, timely releases, scheduling, Process defining/owning, Quality assurance, etc.
  • Establish project-related metrics 
  • End to End responsibility for Project closures
  • Effective utilization of team members to their fullest potential
  • Develop and distribute project performance reports – Regularly review project status, evaluating performance criteria (scope, cost, schedule, and quality)
  • Manage and monitor quality targets and goals (project and product)
  • Manage and monitor day to day activities and provide direction to team members and supporting organizations for timely delivery
  • Develop the supporting plans such as scope, cost, risk, schedule, quality, resource, security deliverables, procurement, and change management plans
  • Participate in all client project reviews 
  • Performs internal Project, product, and Platform reviews
  • Responsible for end-to-end project governance
  • Establish and maintain project quality
  • Develop project charter and obtain approval
  • Identify and secure project team resource
  • Develop and present Milestone review briefing
  • Be the first point of contact for the customer and manage all customer communication during the engagement
  • Re-strategize as required to ensure we stay on course for delivering the scope, within time, without significant cost escalation, and achieving quality benchmarks

You Must Have

  • 12 – 15yrs Experience
  • Good exposure to testing cycles and associated quality control measures through testing
  • Ability to identify the risks and maintain the risk register during all stages of the project
  • Experience in AGILE and should be able to conduct training for Agile if needed
  • Ability to define project goals, objectives, and success criteria

You’re the one we’re looking for if you have

  • Awareness about DevOps and CI/CD pipelines
  • Awareness of N Tier Multi-tenant architectures
  • Excellent communication skills, Self-Driven, Self-Motivated, Hand on, Ambitious and high-octane person
  • Ability to define Key Objectives and Key Results for the Product and Platform teams
  • Efficiency to develop Project Plan, tailoring the QMS to reflect project needs

What You Will Gain

Learning & Development

Niche projects in Computer Vision, AI, and Telematics in multiple industry sectors. Platform and product implementations. Tier -1 technology partners and supportive management ensure individual as well as overall company growth.

Global Work Culture

We firmly believe talent is something that should never be tied down with location and within an office premise. In fact, our dedicated and talented team is located across the world.

Medical Insurance

Avail a range of medical benefits! We provide the best possible coverage for your medical needs.

Psychological Safe Workplace

Enthusiasm and encouragement all the way! A bold and supportive management who appreciates new initiatives, encourages and guides each of its family members to bear risks and stretch themselves is something truly extraordinary.

Competitive Packages

We offer the best package as per the industry standards.

Must Know 

At Cogniphi, we expect our engineers to not only revolutionize state of art in automation and cognitive technologies but also focus and work on massive scalability solutions, large-scale applications, and entirely new platforms. Pioneering with our AIVI Vision platform we are in pursuit of the ambitious mission of AI to all.

The first of our cognitive suites AIVI (Artificial Intelligence Vision Intelligence) is a dedicated platform that helps bring the power of Vision Intelligence to diverse business sectors including Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, and Surveillance. AIVI relies on complex spatial computing, machine learning, pattern recognition, anomaly detection, and computer vision and is field-proven in real-life environments. The platform today hosts 250+ industry-specific patterns, powers 10K+ cameras, and has revealed USD 25M revenue across businesses with minimal investment.

More than the cognitive technologies and engineering skills that we possess, we also firmly believe it is our drive for excellence and passion for problem-solving that will bring exponential growth to all the stakeholders.

Our Hiring Process


We are in receipt of your application. Thank you for showing interest to be a part of us. If your resume meets our requirements, we will get in touch with you for further processing. One of us will introduce you to cogniphi and will guide you with everything that is required.


We believe in clear communication thus after the interview, we will provide feedback. Be it a positive or negative outcome, we will definitely let you know.


We will let you know our outcome at the earliest. Mostly our decisions are YES!


At Cogniphi, we believe in the growth of our people. No matter where you are designer, content writer, developer, or heading projects, you can develop your career with us.

Passionate Team

Our team works passionately on every project team. Having a passionate team makes the office space cool and stress-free. We are supported by billion-dollar companies – UST Global and SunTec that emphasize the credibility of our tech platform.

Stirring Environment

Challenging work project inspires us to bring out more creative things in our work. We don’t forget to showcase our uniqueness in every project. Our uniqueness is delivering challenging works, which inspires us!


Our office is situated in the eco-friendly Technopark Campus in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. The workplace has an attractive and work-friendly appearance. We keep our workplace hygiene in the best possible way.

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