June Edition

“Talent wins games but teamwork and intelligence wins championship.”

Michael Jordan


In this edition of the Phier, we celebrate the coming together of Intelligence and Brilliant Engineering, and raise a toast to VisionBox.


VisionBox – A market-ready solution built on Cogniphi innovation and UST’s engineering expertise

Powered by Cogniphi’s VisionAI and engineered by UST, this co-developed product integrates with the end-user’s CCTV feeds to provide smart, actionable insights that can help drive sales, improve customer loyalty, and eliminate operational inefficiencies. Businesses can choose desired number of patterns from the core AI bundles to create a customized VisionBox. And once on-boarded at one unit, the solution is easily scalable and ready for deployment in multiple locations within weeks.

Truly the confluence of the best of Cogniphi and UST in one single product.

More details of VisionBox will be featured on companies’ websites shortly.

We have added a couple of details of successful AI implementation to our website. Have a look at them.

Developing the Smart Factory – A Manufacturing Success Story

A leading automobile parts manufacturer with an almost eight-decade-long legacy in the industry approached Cogniphi for solutions to address challenges related to production loss, inventory management, and material wastage that were impacting their throughput and efficiency across the factory floor.

Bolstering Profits with AI- A Retail Success Story

A top US-based grocery retail chain with over 300 stores across the country approached us for a solution to a revenue shrinkage problem that they were facing due to bottom of the basket-related (BOB) losses. With over a 100-year-old legacy, the client is one of the top 20 largest retailers in the United States.

This edition we bring focus to 2 patterns that empower workforce

Stock-outs Lead to Walk Outs

Large scale research has shown that when consumers did not find the exact item they wanted, nearly one third went to another store to buy the product, while less than half bought a substitute. Abandoned purchases translate to 4% sales loss for a retailer and for retail giants near $40 million loss in a year. Product Out of Stock (POS) is attributed to inadequate untimely shelf replenishment and dependancy on outdated inventory management methods. AIVI retail identifies genuine stock outs with price tag correlation, forecasts stock outs based on insights from product depletion tracking, checks planogram vs realograms providing real time alerts to staff and recommendations for inventory stocking.

Workplace Safety Compliance

Every company/organization has to follow predetermined safety standards set by their own respective federal and provincial agencies. This is to ensure their employees are working in a safe environment and to eliminate chances of workplace accidents, injuries, or illness. With automated monitoring and anomaly detection, computer vision software can identify safety hazards and breaches like safety equipment undetected, etc.


Brick and Mortar are Critical to Drive Digital Up-take

Amazon – Amazon Salon (and earlier the Amazon GO) are classical reinforcement that Physical interactions are kind of must if the digital uptake has to cross the resistance line.

Insights for Business Leaders. Why Business Process Transformation is the Heart of AI-projects

Transformation is not a “technology” problem. Understanding the “business” issues is the primary task of any AI project. Read our blog on the 10-20-70 ratio and why changing existing processes is what will make an AI solution work and create value

Explore the Potential of AI in Hospitality

In a business sector where margins are tight, embracing the potential of AI is a step in the right direction. Explore how VisionAI transforms hospitality.

Career Insights -An engineering degree is not a must for a career in AI

A career in AI is mainly characterised by the use of sophisticated computer software and programs, automation, and robotics. The problem-solver and hard worker is the real engineer even if he does not have a degree.

Yanesh Tyagi, our “Got It” man has completed 3 years with Cogniphi With over 25 years of experience in Solution & Enterprise Architecture, Product Management & Development, Yanesh has been an integral part of Cogniphi’s core project and platform implementations. Once Yanesh says his customary “Got it” in response to any challenge, you can be assured that the matter is closed for good. His passion for engineering, commitment, discipline, warm nature, and mentoring is something that we look up to at Cogniphi. A Delhite who likes to indulge in South Indian food, this die hard coding enthusiast, is a solid pillar of Cogniphi’s emerging tech initiatives.
Sundar Swaminathan, our Mr Versatile, has over 22 years in Project Management, Delivery, Testing, and Program Management. Unlike his strict appearance, he is very calm by nature. Along with being passionate about technology, projects, and delivery, he is a fitness fanatic, poetry scribbler, DIY enthusiast, and distance runner. He is married to Ms. Lakshmi Priya who was a news presenter in DD channel and blessed with 2 sweet kids. He is leading management for multiple projects including VisionCheckout and AIVI manufacturing suite.
Jacob Binny completes 12 years with Cogniphi. In his 12 years of the journey from junior to an ‘Engineer’, Jacob has been instrumental in development of ITAC, Cogniphi Telematics platform from its inception. With his warm and supportive nature, Jacob builds lasting relationships with his colleagues and considers Cogniphi his exteneded family. He is passionate about being an engineer and is currently part of iTAC 2.0 development. He is married to Mrs.Femi. Congrats Jacob!
Jayakumarr heading the iTAC CSD has over 10yrs of experience of which 5 years he has been an integral part of ii-2’s itac operations. His core strengths are customer care and team management. Jayakumarr always handles critical situations with a smile on his face and is always willing to take additional responsibilities and come out with flying colors on what has been assigned. He is married to Ms. Raji who also shares the same taste as Jayakumarr in his career path. Congrats Jayakumar!!
Sanil Kumar has been a strong supporter with regards to facilities & office management for ii-2 for 12 years. Sanil is basically from Trivandrum and is married to Mrs. Anu. He is blessed with a rockstar Son and a beautiful daughter. Congrats Sanil!!
Renuka, our chechi,has been associated with ii-2 for the last 4 years as a Housekeeping assistant. She is the one who is behind a nice and clean office where we dwell our 8 hours. No matter what, she will just refresh you with her warm smile and tasty tea.


Hats off to the HR Team for making the founding day memorable!

On 23rd April 2021, we have virtually celebrated our 6th Founding Day with colorful and blessed moments. Wearing company T-shirts and being a part of founding day celebration was awesome and memorable.

Aresh Varmanand, from Bengluru has joined as Sr. Tech Program Manager. A .Net geek with 15+ years experience, Aresh believes in making every moment of life count and leaving behind a worthy legacy. He is currently part of AIVI retail suite implementations.
Anju K V has joined as a Junior Tester Engineer. She aims to prove herself more confident and successful and make her family proud of her. Currently she is part of the Visioncafe project.
Ashik Aslam, our new Executive in Customer Service and Delivery Department. He pursued MBA in Travel and Tourism. Ashik will be handling coordination with iTAC customer and field team for meeting customer satisfaction.

Beat the Covid Blues
Mountain Dew 1 Million Dollar Challenge and Fun of Problem Solving

Our AI Vision expert ,CEO- Rohith Raveendranath has got all the bottles. Now it’s your turn. Try it out and have fun!

Working Mothers Are Bearing The MOST Brunt Of The Pandemic. Here Is What You Can Do

If you feel that every day is a new chaotic struggle between working for home, working from home, being a parent and a teacher to your little one, you are most likely facing a disproportionate burden at home. Here is something that you can consider

Create the Best Calendar System for Your Family

Working parents need a solid family calendar system to reduce stress and diminish avoidable bad surprises. There’s no one right way to keep track of your family’s schedule, but there are some basic principles that can guide you in setting up a system that works effectively

Machines We Trust

A podcast about the automation of everything. Host Jennifer Strong and the team at MIT Technology Review look at what it means to entrust artificial intelligence with our most sensitive decisions. Recent encore Clearview a land of billion faces.

Gadgets/Devices: Trova Home

The Trova Home is the latest in smart private storage for your personal items. Similar to the safe found in hotel cupboards, it is a smarter, sleeker and more attractive storage compartment. Using an app to access its compartments, anything like money, jewelry, electronics are safely stored at your fingertips.
The app also allows you to adjust the biometric security to your liking, and there are humidity sensors, and odor concealers, for your particularly pungent items.

Eco-Friendly Phone Cases(PELA)

Continuing the trend with Earth Day. Here is an item that can be used more in our day-to-day lives, enter Eco- friendly phone cases. Almost everyone now likes to protect or decorate their phone with a fancy new case but instead of throwing away those harmful plastic cases why not invest in a biodegradable one? Pela is the World’s First 100% Compostable phone case, which means the Pela case will return back to the earth gracefully when you’re done with it. All you have to do is throw it into backyard compost and it will biodegrade.

Tech Fact: The Firefox logo is not a Fox!

The free and open-source web browser Mozilla Firefox revealed that the animal in their logo was never a fox as popularly thought of. According to Techland, the firefox logo was actually designed after the cute animal species called red panda.

World Environment Day

On World Environment Day, let us stop harming nature; let us stop polluting it. So, on 5th June, let us join hands to bring a positive change to make Planet Earth a much healthier, greener and happier place to live.

World Blood Donor Day

Do you feel you don’t have much to offer? You have the most precious resource of all: the ability to save a life by donating blood! Let us join together and donate on 14th June 2021. Happy World Blood Donor Day!

Father’s Day

Words are not enough to explain a father’s love. Fathers are the reason behind the success of every child as they support and help their children at every point to work hard for their dreams. Happy Father’s Day!

World Music Day

Music has become a part of our life. Whenever a person feels alone, music accompanies him. Sometimes music is also used to motivate people. “Music is powerful. As people listen to it, they can be affected. They respond.” – Ray Charles. Let’s enjoy World Music Day!

International Yoga Day

Yoga is something that helps you bring freedom to your life. On 21st june, let us take an oath to do Yoga regularly to establish a connection between your body and mind and become more aware of yourself. Practice yoga and stay blessed.

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