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“Digitalisation is a Business topic, not an IT topic.”

Steve Jobs


Amidst all the nuances and languidness that COVID 19 has brought into our lives, probably the one positive outlook it has thrust upon us is a realization or longing for those small aspects of life, that most of us have over the course of time taken for granted. Be it carpooling to work, coffee break with your teammates, the synergy of working together inside the office, sucking in the breathtaking view from the Bhavani corridors (a personal favourite!) winding up after a productive day with goodbyes, there is no denying of the sheer pleasure derived from being in the company of others. Staying Connected is no longer a norm, but a necessity for us to de-stress and stay healthy. This edition of ‘ The Phier” is dedicated to #WeAreConnected and to the wonderfully stubborn human spirit that figures out ways to stay connected despite all obstacles. Kudos to virtual connectivity!!
Brief & Note

Dr. Sudarsh V. Kailas

President & Executive Director

One of the many things helping us to tide over the current pandemic is efficiency, speed and transparency in communications. Effective and timely communications are always imperative, especially so in challenging times. Things were different a few months back when we were all together at the office and could pass information around by word of mouth. In the current situation, to get everyone in sync with our common dream and make our aspirations merge with that of the organisation, we need to proactively reach out and engage. I am happy to announce that in this direction, we are kicking off our newsletter to start a more structured and regular communication to every one of our stake holders. This is start of a series of such drives we are planning to take us to the next orbit of growth and maturity. You are our stars and through this newsletter as a window we hope to show you the galaxy of possibilities we are journeying in.

The Outcome Philosophy
Cogniphi believes our technology is not what we are selling. We talk business first. Understanding our customer’s pain points, plans and strategies come first before we even start talking of our products or platform. From problem definition to business analysis to identifying solutions, the desired outcome remains the central point at every stage. As Steve Jobs said in his famous quote: Digitalisation is a Business topic, not an IT topic. Mr. Sriram’s take on the same
Project & Tech Updates

AIVI Retail product suite anchor deployment for the largest South East Asian Retail Chain

Cogniphi will be deploying AIVI retail product suite for the largest hypermarket and retail chain in South East Asia, this October. This full scale deployment with usecases for Customer interest lifecycle , Customer Journey mapping( intra and interday across stores), Q management, Covid Protocol compliance, OH&S will provide a seamless shopping experience for the customers and improve brand loyalty and sales for the retailer. In addition to this real time alerts on Bottom of the basket instances (BOB), Scan Fraud detection, Theft, Planogram Compliance and Shelf Out of Stock is estimated to bring about 80% over the counter loss reduction and marked increase in revenue.

Implementation for Global Medical Technology Leader

Cogniphi team is in the UAT phase of the current implementation for a leading global medical technology company, who provides innovative solutions that help advance medical research and genomics. The project focuses on implementation of Vision Intelligence for quality check of the labelling of the syringes, cases and packs in line clearance. Inventory repulls due to improper labelling is a billion dollar loss for the industry and was a critical client problem. Prior to AIVI implementation manual mode of inspection was being carried out in the client centres. Hence only limited number of syringes label were being inspected in the Line clearance. AIVI’s OCR algorithms ensure correct labelling with detection of missing label text such as expiry dates, SKU number brand trademarks and other graphics. An interesting element is that AIVI is detecting 30 variants of the SKU. This automation will render the client increased productivity, quality adherence and decreased errors due to minimal human intervention

Ushering in a new era of Healthcare with Vision AI

Vision-enabled AI, by developing patterns and correlations in events and data, paves the way for research discoveries that can be life-saving, and also help in error-free and speedy diagnosis that leads to precise and enhanced treatment. With increasing disease complexities, rising expenses and shortcomings in infrastructure, the healthcare sector needs a panacea for development and growth. By deploying Vision AI, with little addition to existing infrastructure, hospitals and clinics can bring about a system of continuous quality improvement and make healthcare more accessible and inclusive.
Leaving the supervised unsupervised

Cogniphi CEO Rohith shares his experience as an engineer, on working with AI, implementing systems with AI and reaping benefits from such implementations.
“Disclaimer 1 – I am an Engineer by profession and I am trained to judge by measurements. I am taught to be process oriented and to be focused on repeatability. Again, I am an engineer by profession and I take pride in solving everyday problems”…
UseCase & Patterns Focus

Slip N Fall Pattern – More than one million people go to the emergency room each year for a slip and fall accident. Slip and falls are a leading cause of injury for all age groups. Approximately one-third of adults over 65 fall each year. Most of these instances occur due to poor hygiene and compliance practices inside the buildings &premises. The latest pattern which is part of AI engines will detect and alert stakeholders such as retail store managers, nursing home attendants etc of such potential instances (wet floors, unseen object lying around, mopping being done but Caution Sign not kept) that leads to potential Slip n Fall. In addition to this, the pattern provides immediate alerts on detecting any instance of a person falling down to provide prompt assistance.

Bottom of the Basket (BoB): Retailers incur thousands of dollars loss every single day when items at the bottom of baskets/ shopping carts leave their store without payment In the US alone, annual BoB losses are around 1 billion. When a customer starts placing products on the billing counter,AIVI’s Loss Prevention Suite detects from camera feeds at the POS counters, any item lying in the trolley, and then it will throw a real time alert to the billing agent, thereby ensuring billing of all commodities in the shopping cart.

Crowding / Mob density: Determining crowd density with visual surveillance has been a challenging research problem that has gathered a lot of attention. Our team has come up an accurate pattern for counting and estimation of crowd density for a gathering as well as flowing crowd. This pattern will form a crucial component of AIVI’s people count and automated crowd analysis system. The pattern has a wide range of application from sporting or large event arenas, monitoring of high traffic areas, event management to staffing allocation and resource management.

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Technology Techniques – Microservices and Micro frontends are thein demand techniques for scaling front end development when multiple teams are working simultaneously on a single large assignment…something that can really help us increase efficiency of our processes and practices too.
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DesignOps – This is the most recently popular process framework that has brought a new twist to the Design process by taking care of everything surrounding it and made it well organized and more productive. The best part is DesignOps enables fluent communication among teams regarding design. Adopting it could be very useful for Cogniphi as we grow.

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Nvidia developer program – Try this out to get new application ideas, how to quickly prototype and speed up time-to-market. Some practical use cases are available at https://developer.nvidia.com/gtc/2020/video/s22391-vid

Hakuna Matata

Cogniphi-Er Get-Together
While we navigate through an unprecedented situation and changing work culture, we recognize the need to stay connected now more than ever. We would like you to take the opportunity to celebrate the inspiration that comes from each and every Cogniphi-Er to thrive and succeed in all our ventures. A warm welcome to all our new members!!

Wishing you many more beautiful years with Cogniphi and II2. Your efforts and contributions are appreciated and very much valued!!
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Supercharging your Work life during Coved times – Find out the daily routine that works for you and helps you avoid burn out. Most people get dragged down by having to follow routines. This is now probably how you feel when you have to spend so much time at home with nowhere to go. Your daily routine has surely changed during the recent months as compared to, say, a year back. Many actually even fall it. It’s important that you get a hold on yourself and find ways to increase your productivity, since it’s going to be a long haul before “normalcy” as we used to know it returns.
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Most sought out careers – A global survey report by Mckinsey says that post Covid most companies have accelerated automation and AI implementation during recent months. It also found that hiring people for health and safety roles would be a current priority.

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